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20.02.2011 01:00 Age: 5 yrs
Category: Computers and Technology
By: Nikola Majcenović

How to make money online using only basic computer skills

The internet is full of money-making opportunities. All you need to start is a computer (PC), basic computer skills and an internet access. After you have fulfilled these three requirements you can start looking for online work or make your own internet business.

Before all else, let's define what basic computer skills are. This cannot be a strict definition, but in general the following skills fall under this category: working with "office" applications, website surfing, good typing skills and knowledge of English language. Photoshop, programming, website development, etc. fall under advanced skills.

Now, let's take a look at ways of finding a job online. When connected to the Web you can find a job in any country if you're familiar with its native language. Usually employers use English as the international language, making it even easier for you. You can sign up at many websites where employers post their projects and make a bid for it. A few recognized sites in this area are Freelancer and Elance.

On such sites you can find a variety of projects that don't require more than basic computer skills to complete. Some of the examples are article writing and rewriting, forum and blog posting, ad posting, article submissions, etc. There are also a lot of other jobs that require more advanced computer skills but also pay more. It is up to you to decide if you want to invest in your computer skills and how much.

You can also look for job opportunities yourself. Big companies and certain individuals usually don't have the time to maintain and update their websites.

Although many companies already have employees in charge of these tasks, you never know when you may get lucky. You can search for such companies on Facebook, Twitter or directly on the Web. Next move you can do is to search for companies and individuals requiring a personal (virtual) assistant. This job consists of variety of tasks including sending and answering emails, making phone calls, marketing, form-filling and doing other business related tasks. If you're out of job this can be an ideal opportunity for you as it is usually a full-time job.

Another money-making opportunity is a site called fiverr, where people can "share things they're willing to do for $5". It is a great place to capitalize on your unique skills.

Working online has its advantages and disadvantages. On one side you don't have to travel to work every day and you can work from any place that has internet access. On the other side there's always a question of your employer's honesty. You should always be on the lookout for scammers and dishonest employers who will make you do the work and not pay for it afterwards. That is why it's a good decision to join sites that provide the work for you. There you can always check for employer's references and reviews before you apply for the job.

What is the usual salary you might expect doing online work? A full time job (8 hours daily) will get you approx. $1000 per month if you have only basic computer skills. Of course, you can always look for employers who offer higher prices or increase your skills to be able to do more difficult (and therefore more expensive) jobs.

The other way of making money online would be to create your own website which will generate profit through advertisements. If you have a topic you're passionate about you can start writing a blog. Your blog posts are sure to get some attention if they are well-written. To capitalize on people who visit your site you can place advertisements on your site. Every time people click on such advertisements you will get your share of profit. The most recognized ad serving application is Google AdSense, but there are also many others like Infolinks, AdBrite, Bidvertiser, etc. You can also try to find a sponsor for your website. The sponsor will require putting the banner with the link to his website or some other kind of deal in which both of you profit. You get the money and sponsor gets greater exposure.

Whatever way you decide to follow, it is always important to be realistic in your goals. Internet business is not a get-rich-quick scheme. It is true that some individuals are making healthy sums of cash, but for most of others it is just a way to make some extra cash on the side. Nevertheless, if you invest enough time and effort into your website it may become a real profit-maker.

Although online work can be a life-saver during the times of need, the money earned from website advertisements will continue to come if you can maintain or increase the number of visitors to your website. It is up to you to decide if you want to be working for yourself or for the others.

Nikola, 12-09-11 15:05:
I'm sorry you don't agree with me, but there are many online places where you can confirm my statements. It IS that simple, especially on websites which connect employers with workers. It all depends on what you consider as "basic" computer skills. These are: "office" apps, website surfing and knowledge of English language.
There are companies that pay individuals to test their games before release date. Of course, it is not an easy job to get hold of, but it exists.
It seems to me that you don't want people to know how to make money online, perhaps to sell them your ideas?
aziz, 10-09-11 17:11:
Thank you very much for your online earning advice but i cant agree with you that one can earn money online just having basic computer ideas :). Having read your writing i decided that actually you have no idea on online earning. Keep in mind, online earning is not as easy as you described above and employer will not pay you to play a computer game.

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