Making plans for future - the right way

There is lots of advice floating around on how to organize your life better, plan for future events and generally succeed in life. If you're still struggling about figuring out your future, this article has a bit of information...[more]

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Blood (plasma) donation side effects - what can really go wrong?

Donating blood is a noble thing to do. Every healthy individual is encouraged to give blood as often as possible. Hospitals are almost always lacking on blood reserves that have to be replenished regularly. Nevertheless, is it...[more]

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The delusion of Socialism

At one instance former Croatian prime minister Jadranka Kosor of HDZ party (a self proclaimed conservatives) stated that a newly elected Social Democratic Party was disrespecting the Croatian Constitution by raising the...[more]

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Why am I going bald – overview of the current hair loss theories

Baldness is a common problem in modern world. Some people think it's inherited genetically, others have different theories. Can hair loss be stopped or prevented? There exist two somewhat opposing theories on the issue.[more]

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Shampoo or no shampoo – should you wash your hair with water only?

Today, cosmetic industry is one of the largest ones, side-by-side with pharmaceutics and psychiatry. Industry (as such) is mostly concerned with profit making, creating new products and pushing them on the market. Consumer safety...[more]

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The Greatest Destinations To See In The Riviera Maya

The marvelous Riviera Maya runs alongside the eastern coastline of southern Mexico. The entire area begins from the talked about vacation town of Cancun and then down the coast to the beautiful town of Tulum. [more]

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Visiting the tropical island of Cozumel

The picturesque Central American destination referred to as Cozumel is in fact the best scuba diving spot found in Central America, along with being probably having the most stopped at port by multiple cruise ships. The picture...[more]

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How monetary politics should be run

Monetary policy is a set of rules by which government controls the supply of money and consequently the total amount of cash in a country. The goal of monetary policy should be economic growth and low unemployment. But why are...[more]

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How to buy a first home without money (or with as little as possible)

Ah yes...home...those four walls offering protection and a place to sleep, above all else. Everybody needs it, especially when moving away from parents or for newlyweds. Whatever the reasons are, it's hard to get hold of a new...[more]

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How I cured my arrhythmia - a personal story

This will be one very long article – my personal story about the long history of my arrhythmia and how I managed to defeat it despite the doctors' incompetency. I encourage you to read it completely as it may help you cure other...[more]

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