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29.07.2011 02:36 Age: 4 yrs
Category: Food and Drink
By: Nikola Majcenović

How I cured my arrhythmia - a personal story

This will be one very long article – my personal story about the long history of my arrhythmia and how I managed to defeat it despite the doctors' incompetency. I encourage you to read it completely as it may help you cure other diseases, too. All information provided about my arrhythmia is true. I have the complete medical documentation that I can send to anyone interested – just post in comments!

I've noticed my arrhythmia for the first time in high school. At the time I didn't do anything about it. It didn't bother me in everyday life and my doctor told me it was probably due to stress.

Around my 26th birthday I became very interested in self development, and as such I became more interested in my arrhythmia. I figured it's better to try to stop it now, rather than wait for the doctors to tell me in 10 to 20 years that I have to go to heart surgery. Once again, I lived normally with my condition and didn't have any problems. The only time I could feel my arrhythmia is when I measured my pulse or when I lay on my stomach in bed.

So I decided to go to my doctor and ask her to refer me to a polyclinic for a 24 hour holter ECG. For those of you who didn't hear about holter yet, it is a small device (like a cell-phone) which measures heart rate and stores information in its memory. It is attached to the chest via 7 probes and you carry it on yourself for one day while you do your everyday tasks. After you take it off, the clinic gives you a holter report in a few days. In this report you can see how many heart beats per minute (BPM) you had in normal range, Tachycardia (over 100bpm) or Bradycardia (under 60 bpm), along with any irregular (missed or additional) beats.

My doctor sent me off to a polyclinic to do a holter test which showed I indeed have arrhythmia. To be exact, I had too many Ventricular extrasystoles (VES) and Supraventricular extrasystoles (SVES). I also had bigeminy (1 VES followed by one normal heart beat). I was prescribed Concor pills (which are used to lo wer blood pressure and reduce heart rate – what does that have to do with arrhythmia??). After three months I came back to see the results, which showed no improvement. So I got another medicine – Ormidol (a beta-blocker). This should have been a more adequate medicine – but unfortunately, again no results after a few months of use. Are they experimenting on me or what? The third prescription I got was Darob (also a beta-blocker). Can you guess how effective it was? You're right - no effect, too.

After an unsuccessful few moths of visits to a polyclinic I was sent for additional tests to a hospital (late potentials, heart and thyroid ultrasound and others). Yes, all tests came out normal. There, a doctor told me to stop taking Darob and go to some institute to have cardiac MRI. (He just rolled his eyes when I told him how I heard that some food and drinks can cause arrhythmia!)

I never got to do that cardiac MRI. Instead, I decided to radically alter my diet and get rid of all stuff that can cause arrhythmia. I was going to be on such a diet for a year and then repeat the holter test to see the results. I began searching the Web for every imaginable cause of arrhythmia after my roommate pointed out the first possible candidate.

It was aspartame, an artificial sweetener used in a variety of diet drinks, chewing gums, protein shakes, etc. I read from many sources that it can disrupt operation of a nervous system. So I started avoiding everything containing aspartame.

Following was fluoride. This chemical element is classified as a poison and it's not needed in any quantity for a normal human metabolism. It is true that it kills bad bacteria in the mouth when added to toothpastes, but it also kills everything else as it is absorbed through the mucosa and unavoidably swallowed in small quantities. Did you know that there were many cases of poisoning and even death due to swallowing of the larger quantities of toothpaste (especially with young children)? Fluoride displaces iodine in the thyroid and elsewhere, resulting in iodine deficiency, which causes arrhythmia.

I think these two substances (aspartame and fluoride) were the most responsible for causing my arrhythmia. Perhaps caffeine had a little to do with it, but I doubt it after reading this article: caffeine.

In the rest of my article I'm naming some more things I've thrown out of my diet, but which probably didn't have too much to do with my arrhythmia. However, these things should be avoided as they're bad for your health in general and can cause a variety of other problems.

First up is margarine. Yes, the one you put on your bread along with marmalade for breakfast. If you knew how margarine was made I doubt you would touch it again. Moreover, it contains trans-fatty acids, even worse than animal fats. In other words, it is healthier to eat butter that margarine. But wait, there's more – many foods contain margarine under another name: "hydrogenated vegetable oil". Just take a look at product labels on the shelves – you'll be surprised where you can find margarine.

Another thing to avoid is using microwave ovens to heat up your food. Eating microwaved food can weaken your immunity because of the unknown by-products and dangerous chemicals leaking from the food packaging into the food. Also, the food itself breaks down into harmful components when microwaved. The manufacturers claim that microwave ovens are safe, but then they say the same for aspartame and all other stuff mentioned in this article. Makes you wonder...

The list continues with the popular taste enhancer – MSG. Mono-sodium glutamate is found in most processed foods, unfortunately under a variety of other names. It is very popular in Chinese restaurants. It also carries a designation E621. Many articles have been written on its harmful effects on health. Arrhythmia is also stated as a possible side-effect of consuming MSG. I know MSG wasn't responsible for my arrhythmia because I haven't eliminated from my diet it before my last holter check which showed no arrhythmia.

I also started avoiding milk and dairy products. Cow's milk is primarily intended for baby calves that need it for muscle growth. Human babies, on contrary, need milk mostly for brain development, since they don't start walking approx. until the first year of life. A study has been done showing that children fed with baby formula score slightly less on IQ test that children fed on mother's milk. There are also traces of pus, growth hormones and other stuff in milk you can be allergic to.

As I started studying different sorts of diets, I came onto Bible diet, too. I said to myself, why not – let's do it for a while and see the results. According to Bible you shouldn't eat pork nor seafood (fish with fins and scales are ok). These types of animals are considered "cleaners", similar to snails in the aquarium. I have to say it wasn't a big deal for me to give up pork, and only later I found out what it really smells like (the same as with people who quit smoking and regain their sense for taste and smell).

The last thing I removed from my diet was coffee. Now, I have to admit – I was never much of a coffee drinker anyway – only one cup of cappuccino per day, and only during workdays. But I heard that caffeine can also disrupt normal heart rhythm. Let me remind you that I had arrhythmia all the way back in high school when I wasn't drinking coffee, so it cannot be the main reason for it.

For some people, the cause of arrhythmia may be the lack of calcium and magnesium in their diet. Fluoride (in toothpaste) can also strip Ca and Mg from your body. If this is your case you should consider taking Ca and Mg supplements.

One more possible candidate for heart arrhythmia can be Iodine. Lack of iodine may be the cause of arrhythmia for some people. Read the following PDF file to learn more about Iodine.

After I cured my arrhythmia, I found a whole community gathered around the issue. They have a forum at afibbers.net, where they discuss the possible natural and other treatments. They have a wonderful document called a 12-step program which you should follow if you have arrhythmia problems. It generally mentions most of the stuff described in my article and more; the only difference is I had to come to this knowledge by my own research before I discovered their site.

I guess all of this can be overwhelming, but I didn't remove all this stuff right away. I started avoiding some stuff sooner and some later, about in the order described previously. I was very determined and I succeeded in my intentions. In fact, while I was waiting my turn for another holter test, almost two years had passes since my last test. My most recent holter report shows that my arrhythmia is gone. All that was recorded was 1 VES and 5 SVES in 24 hours, which is well inside normal range.

This was the turning point in my life. As of now, nobody can tell me that everything is safe to eat. Sure, you can eat anything you like, it is just the question of how you will feel, when you will die, and most importantly how will you die (quick/painless). I know that I feel better that ever before in my life and I don't have arrhythmia anymore.

Concerning food and possible conspiracy theories – I can tell you – there are no theories, the conspiracies are real. Did you know that there are stones in America (Georgia Guidestones) on which it is written that it would be best to reduce the world's population to 500 million? Wouldn't the perfect way to do it be to slowly poison the public by adding small doses of poison into our food and drinks and letting only the strongest survive? Talking about the evolution…

This is why I started writing about all harmful ingredients in our diet and how to avoid it. I've started this article directory together with one of my friends where I write about these topics. Below I have scanned most of my medical papers for you to take a look. For any additional requests just post in comments section!




Initial diagnosis 1/2 Initial diagnosis 2/2 TSH hormone levels Thyroid ultrasound First holter report Concor treatment Heart ultrasound Heart ultrasound holter report #2 Ormidol treatment Darob treatment holter report #3 Cardiac MRI request Final holter report (#4)

Nick, 05-08-13 21:10:
Stevia--the only new thing I've added to my diet in the last month--caused me headache and frequent heart arrhythmias, about four per minute. I eliminated the stevia and the headache and arrhythmias also stopped.
Amy, 04-06-13 05:15:
I have had arrhythmia since age 21. On and off. I am now 39. Thanks for writing the article. My cardiologist said he isn't worried about my arrhythmia because I have a normal heart. He said that one of the signals wants to take over the main signal that controls the heart beating. He said this is ok. I have had 2 sonograms. I will try some of the remedies listed in this article.
Fazal, 15-04-13 15:54:
For the last 10 years i have irrigular heart beats,i avoid many things from my food like.cola drinks.milk and milk products,rice,choclate.ice cream.Msg containing foods and many others,i am living in a streesfull situtations always worried towards health issue and arrythmia,i m 50 years old male
June, 06-02-13 19:35:
Two things have helped my
1. oil of oregano (found at health food stores. I take 4 drops in water twice a day). This kills bacteria very well inside. My arrhythmia goes away for about 8 hours after I take this.
2. Nystatin. You can buy this on www.herbhealers.com. It is an antibiotic that kills the yeast inside your body. Too much yeast can cause all kinds of illnesses. I took a tablet in the morning and at night and my erratic heart went back to normal. Use for about 3 weeks.
David, 24-11-12 02:28:
Nikola, Thanks for this blog it is very helpful. I have had irregular heartbeats for over 15 years. It started off with drinking too much coffee and espresso back in 97, which I eliminated coffee. However, I started again on coffee a few years latter. In 2001 I was at work lacking sleep and no rest. I took some energy pills that contained ephedra and once again it started. Just recently this year after working out at the gym and increasing my weights 20 Kilos in a week I started again with the irregular heart beat. Most recently this week after having a real bad stomach flu for over 10 days it has started again. Probably from a loss of electrolytes. Which seemed to help is taking 1,000MG of Hawthorne Berries and 1000 MG of Ginger Root and 1,000 MG of Calcium and Magnesium 4 times a day. I am 56 years old and will now try to stick to Stevia for as a sweetener and drink only Alkaline water. So far the supplements I am taking work. To your health.
Penny, 30-10-12 20:54:
I just had a PACEMAKER IMPLANT due to Sick Sinus Syndrome. I went into ER thought I had the flu was passing out and 8 days later came out with PM and Afib, Need help
Nikola, 24-10-12 12:12:
Hi guys! I see you have an issue with fluoride, too. First off, there is no water fluoridation in my country (Croatia) so I don't have to worry about that. If you really want to avoid drinking fluoridated tap water, I suggest finding some natural spring water source (or well) and taking your water supply from it. My parents do that - and travel 30 kilometers for the water once a week.
As for the toothpaste - yes, there are ones without fluoride, you just have to read carefully. As for me, personally I've been brushing my teeth with water only for last year or so and didn't have any problems. I do use paste probably once a month.
Reg, 27-09-12 00:05:
Thank you for sharing this valuable information. How do you solve the issue with fluoride in drinking water? We drink water from our refrigerator filter which i believe is fluoridated. An option of buying bottled water is another issue because of the harmful chemicals found in plastic.
Thank you :)
Nikola, 12-09-12 12:44:
Pozdrav iz Srbije! Pisaću na engleskom da ostali mogu da razumeju. :) I have same issues, I'm 21 yrs old and since first year of college I started noticing PVC(VES). Holter showed around 2000 of them but i didn't take any medication. How did you eliminate toothpaste, is there a fluorless one? I guess it is major problem regarding fluoride?
Nikola, 12-04-12 12:31:
Bernie, I see that you haven't read the article carefully. By looking at the documents at the end of the article you can clearly see the dates of my 24-hour ECG's and how my condition improved on the last ECG. I also stated that the first ECG was around my 26th birthday. (I was born in 1981.) I'm planning to repeat the test after a year or two to make sure I stay cured. It's not about the issue with food tolerances, but substance tolerances (ingredients and additives). I agree that people are different, but they should explore their tolerances first before they go and take medications and operations.
First try the natural way, then the rest.
Bernie, 12-04-12 05:09:
Interesting article with some takeaway information for me. Could have used my unbiased data such as: how long have you been "cured", what is your age, etc. Maybe some usefulness with avoiding certain foods but little recognition that people are vastly (I mean VASTLY) different in food tolerances. Regardless, the article had some usefulness.
Kathleen, 16-03-12 16:28:
Thanks Nicola for sharing that. My husband bought me some decaf green tea that is recommended on the site you suggested. I am glad you shared with your readers about the Georgia Guidestones and population reduction there is a video on you tube that talks about this also. It is called "Chuck Missler world war 3 - is upon us !!! Rapture is Even Closer Romans 13:11."

May the Lord Jesus Christ richly bless you!
Nikola, 07-03-12 16:39:
Dear Kathleen,
I'm glad if my story can be of any help to you. The difference between us is that you can sense your arrhythmia while I couldn't. Apart from all the reasons and triggers for arrhythmia stated in my article, it can also be that you have a genetic issue and therefore cannot counter arrhythmia merely by proper nutrition. I'm not yet familiar with GABA and its influence on afib, but a quick search returns some natural ways to increase GABA: http://naturalmothering.ca/index.php/health/86-gaba-foods-natural-anti-anxiety-nutrition.html
Feel free to go my way and try with nutrition first. It would be good to run some tests first to see if your heart and other organs are functioning ok. Good luck!
Kathleen, 24-02-12 15:57:
Dear Nicola,
Your personal story and health advice is so helpful. I have been struggling with afib for over 10 years. Episodes are awfully long and weekly. I would greatly appreciate any other advice you could give. I have some other non food related triggers. It seems I am also lacking in GABA (Gamma-aminobutyric acid) is an essential part of the body's inhibitory system. As an inhibitory neurotransmitter, it balances excessive excitation that can lead to anxiety, insomnia or seizures.” Or also called anti-excitation transmitter. Others say that it is ally an indispensible chemical that is found on the brain nerve endings. Someone lacking this chemical will have a rapid firing of neurons to the heart. I have been eliminating other triggers such as caffeine, sodium, and sweets and anything artificial. Appreciate your help very much. Thank you!
Odoy, 08-02-12 22:14:
This is really (I MEAN REALLY) good article for these people whos suffering this arrhythmia. Ive been suffering for it about 7 years now, and im 27 yers old. Ive also noticed this desiase when i was started to study hard about 7 years ago. Ive also have gone through all these medical tests like this article writer and with same results: "no worries, everythins is fine". Ive been trying almost everything during this 7 years but havent found any cure. UNTIL couple of moths ago ive read an article about "fluoride can harm you". After that day i decided to avoid using fluoride on toothpaste and also tried to avoid drinking tap water. AND THAT WAS IT! Can u imagine that 7 years of my life have been such a hell, trying to find a solution for this terrible arrhythmia (and other symptoms). Now its all gone and im really enjoying my life. I feel more better, i can focus on thing better, im not tired anymore and much more. THIS IS WHAT YOU REALLY HAVE TO TRY AND SHARE TO OTHER PEOPLES.
Wendy, 27-01-12 16:23:
This is fascinating. I am really interested in trying your plan
Nikola, 21-10-11 14:53:
Farz, I have checked both manufacturer's websites. Hermesetas have a variety of sweeteners - some containing aspartame, some not. On their website you can clearly see which sweetener is used in a particular product. Clio, on the other hand mention various sweeteners on their website, but don't state which sweetener they use in which product. You would have to have a particular product in your hands and then read the label to be sure.
Farz, 20-10-11 10:11:
Do other other sweeteners such as hermesetas, and clio have aspartame?
Nikola, 25-09-11 17:33:
Jesse, I haven't heard a single mention of stevia causing arrhythmia. On the other hand, there are numerous cases of aspartame-induced arrhythmia. Take a look at the 12-step plan below, these are the proven methods of defeating arrhythmia.
Jesse, 23-09-11 20:56:
I am beginning to wonder if Stevia, a sweetner made from a S. american herb, causes irregular heartbeat and high blood pressure. I don't use much, only a tiny bit in morning herb tea. Has anyone ever mentioned stevia as causing atrial fibrillation?
Nikola, 20-09-11 15:05:
Hi Jenniffer!
Everything you need is described in the article, there's no secret plan or anything similar. Just stay away from stuff in bold. First three mentioned substances are the worst: aspartame, fluoride and margarine, together with MSG. The logic you should follow is this: less processed food = healthier food. You can also take a look at the 12-step program here:
Good luck!
JENNIFER, 18-09-11 16:52:
I have arrhythmia and would be interested in your plan...

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